14 January 2022

BTT BIQU H2 extruder mounted in my Twotrees Saphire pro with parts of the original steel mounting bracket

I bought a couple of BIQU H2 extruders to experiment with them. The first printer I chose to mount this extruder is my TT Saphire pro. […]
19 December 2021

Upgrade Voron2.4 Octopi for Python3 with RPI/4b/4Gb and 2x SKR1.4 T

An upgrade to Python 3 is neccessary since Octoprint keeps mentioning at startup that future updates after 1.72 will no longer be supported when running a […]
7 May 2021

Voron 2.4 Core XY build

My experiences with CoreXY printers are excellent, so I chose a VORON for my home-built COREXY printer with a print size of 300x300x300 mm. Developed from […]
7 May 2021

Wobbling in cheap linear bearing screws

As I experienced, from my 10+ 3d printers only the Prusa mini and the I3 Bear deliver adequate print quality.  Even the Voron 2.4 CoreXY has […]
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