14 November 2021

OpenCNC hardware driver board with 2x Arduino Mega mini controller and wifi controller box

This is the link to the board, user manual et cetera by Timo Altholtmann. I bought 2 kits with all hardware for 2 driver boards and […]
11 September 2021

OCTOWS2811, Teensy 1.4 & JINX 64×32 LED display

1 August 2021

Xmas star door/ window hanger Arduino nano and WS2812 LEDS

This Xmas- star measures 50cm in diameter from left- tip to right-tip. I printed it with glow in the dark ABS, white.  It glows in very […]
2 July 2021

CNC pendant for Duet2wifi and Indymill

On the Duet support site a very good description and software for rebuilding a Chinese CNC-pendant for the Duet2wifi is available. I used this description to […]
30 May 2021

My mini shop

27 June 2020

Circular clock WS2812 & Arduino nano

LEES DIT ARTIKEL IN HET NEDERLANDS In the above video you see all required parts for the elctronics.  An arduino Nano, a time module LS3231 with […]
10 January 2016

Arduino led bar demo & sketch for 64×16 Canton electronics LED matrix

Module No.:  TB275 //#include <AT24Cxx.h>//no lib needed since we will only use basic functions in 1 page at first // Author: Phil Kaziewicz 19th July 2014, […]
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