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12 November 2021

CNC Minimill 4th axis tool with 100mm 4-claw toolhead NEMA23 belt-driven

Just received this from DHL,Aliexpress from Italy for around 300 Euro’s. It will be used on my MiniMill as 4th axis and I will make some […]
1 August 2021

FLSTCI Harley-Davidson Heritage softail 2004

My 2004 fuel-injected HD Heritage is all original, except for the tyres. I decided to get Michelin’s instead of the HD whitewall ones, to get better […]
1 August 2021

Who am I

This website combines my previously created content into 1 website. My name is Jan Griffioen. Professionally, I deliver support to mid-sized and large companies on contractual- […]
7 July 2021

Indymill CNC with Estlcam and Arduino Mega

The Estlcam software is a very well working all-in one solution for CNC machines. The software has the capability to work with many hardware providers of […]
6 December 2020

Our 3d printers, managed by OCTOPI OR Duet’s web-based app

Above: Our Dual Bear I3 dual color 3d printer with independant carriages, remotely managed by DUET’s webinterface The Octopi solution works with a Raspberry PI, and […]
6 August 2020

Naked bike?

6 August 2020

Kingroon KP3

This is my spare machine, wrapped in – to use when any other machine should have an unsolvable problem (at least- short term).  This 1st version […]
1 March 2020

Vialle D4 LPG evaporator exchanged with Lovato RGV090 evaporator

Due to some diificulty in getting the Vialle D4 evaporator to work properly with the Citroën ID20 and due to the fact that the Lovato RGV090 […]
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