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15 July 2021

Cabling the Indymill CNC

7 July 2021

Indymill CNC with GRBL Mega256 RAMPS1.4 shield and LCD

This is my test setup for a 1.4 RAMPS shield on top of an Arduino Mega with TMC2209 drivers, optical endstops and individually homing of dual […]
7 July 2021

Indymill CNC Nema23 with sensorless homing on Mellow Fly-CDY2

After configuring the reprap Mellow FLY-CDY-V2 motherboard for CNC including the webinterface and installing Mellow’s TMC2209 driver units I got  sensorless homing setup for the Indymill. […]
7 July 2021

Reprap CNC with Mellow FLY-CDY-V2 – Duet2wifi clone

To get the Indymill running, at first I chose to use the Duet2wifi and reprap3 as base.  Since I am very familiar with Reprap and with […]
2 July 2021

CNC pendant for Duet2wifi and Indymill

On the Duet support site a very good description and software for rebuilding a Chinese CNC-pendant for the Duet2wifi is available. I used this description to […]
26 June 2021

Flightcase for the Indymill’s electronics

Just ordered me a new case for the Indymill’s electronics from The idea is to get everything mounted in the cases, and use the control […]
26 June 2021

Flightcase for the Indymill

This is only the lower part of the newly built flightcase for the Indymill.  It is 15cm high, 75 cm deep and 80 cm wide, all […]
25 May 2021

Indymill CNC Controller -the final choice- and WHY

To get the best possible CNC driver / firmware setup, in combination with the CAD and CAM programs that are required, I tested the following setups […]
25 May 2021

Indymill Z-axis with adapted lead screw bearing

The Indymill’s Z-axis uses a lead screw  by design , and not a ballscrew as I would like.  But- that will be changed later. For now, […]
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