My photo gear

In recent years, starting with my first real digital camera, a Fujifilm finepix S5600 from 2005, I have kept track of what was available and always bought and used what I thought was a good choice.

I started with Canon, the EOS5DII and later the EOS6D and a number of APS-C types.  I have just about all the lenses for that, from wide-angle zoom to tele-zoom and quite a few primes.  I also have a few M-series cameras from Canon including a double set of lenses but I don’t really use them because the quality is fine but incomparable with my full-frame and M4/3 equipment.  While the capabilities of the M series are less than brands like Panasonic, Sony and Olympus and the portability is about comparable.

Because I also like to shoot film, at some point I switched to the Sony A7 line in addition to the Canon full-frame cameras that I still use for still photography.  Of those, I still have my first A7, as well as the multipixel A7RII.  I also have a reasonable set of lenses for these cameras, but still mostly zoom lenses because of the primary use of these cameras as film cameras.  I find (and this is of course very personal) the look and feel of Canon very suitable for quick snapshots and the Sony cameras are too angular for that. Fine in a frame with all kinds of extras on it but not as a camera for walk-arounds.

Eventually around 2018 I got hooked on the Olympus and Panasonic lines with the micro 4/3 sensors.  I pretty much own the top cameras from those, and with that a large number of lenses.  The 2 cameras I use the most are the Olympus OMD-1 MII and my favorite walkaround is the Panasonic DC-G90 with the short OLYMPUS MFT 7-14MM F/2.8 M.ZUIKO on it.

On vacations, I never use anything but my Sony RX-100 MV again.  With the extendable eyepiece and the almost unbeatable image quality of the 1 inch sensor, I have found that I never need to take anything else on the road.  On top of all this camera also shoots very good video.

In the city I usually take my Canon RP with the standard F4.0 24-105 zoom lens.   It’s compact and uncomplicated.

For reportages I like to use my set of Panasonic GX8s.  Can take a beating, includes flash and the present adjustable eyepiece (viewfinder) always good to use, even in bright sunlight. on these cameras, I usually have the Panasonic short zoom lens and an Olympus prime mounted.

The above list does mean that I never use about 80-90% of my photography gear.  I’ve tried to sell everything but it just doesn’t make me enough money.  So every now and then I grab a set from the closet and use it again, which is also quite fun!

And- recently I got me a Mamiya RZ-67 and an Aptus digital back, lenses and all I need to get it to work, heavy and great!  Just experiencing now what you can do with this…

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